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Photographer Madrid
Photographer, Fotógrafo, Madrid, España, Spain, Advertising, Publicidad, Fotografía, Photography
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  • N_Fernando_Maselli_0631

    “Enquiries on the sublime” Exhibition, Julio Cesar Abad Vidal.

    Enquiries on the sublime collects works from three projects that have been undertaken since the year 2013 and which are for the most part hitherto unpublished. They are part of three series dedicated by Fernando Maselli (Buenos Aires, 1978) to a photographical enquiry on the aesthetical status of the sublime. The works comprised are not constituted by shots taken directly from reality but, instead, they offer landscapes that were either recreated through a complex photographic staging or that were built as models. Employing both technical and formal techniques, Maselli points at the appeal of the unassailable, the cravings that humans hold for the unknown strongholds of nature...

  • Caspar_David

    Encuentros EAC, Instituto Alicantino de Cultura, Luisa Pastor.

    In 1785, after a failed attempt to climb the Mont Blanc, Swiss geologist Horace Benedict de Saussure -founder of alpinism- describes his experience on the mountains as follows: The silence and deep calm that dominated that immense space, even enlarged by imagination, brought with them -so to speak- horror. It seemed to me that I endured in the Whole, a Whole whose corpse I saw, beneath my feet. In that situation, rather than the Mont Blanc, I directed my gaze to solitude. There, the bright, fluorescent snow gave an impression of movement and life....

  • R_Fernando_Maselli_0496

    Interview, Publication BEIS # 5, by Carmen García Rodriguez.

    The study of Fernando Maselli, amid the bustle of Madrid, takes us to the glaciers of Patagonia, to the highest peaks of the Alps, the vast immensity of the Cordilleras. His photographs, high technical and conceptual complexity, which extracts the beauty of the everyday environment, are complemented by the freshness and closeness of his personality...

  • R_Fernando_Maselli_0191

    Of faith and science, critical text by Julio César Abad Vidal.

    The current photographic research by Fernando Maselli constitutes a project filled with a Faustian ambition: a visual scrutiny that, taking extraordinarily diverse and extreme models -such as uninhabited natural spots where cult practices have been located in the past, or the largest scientific instrument ever made- questions about the cohabitation and friction between faith and scientific illusion....

  • R_Fernando_Maselli_0306

    Critique of Madriz exhibition, by Elvira Rilova.

    Fernando Masselli is an effective photographer, with very little material he is capable of arranging and questioning large spaces, inanimate objects or urban landscapes, that are the constants in this exhibition: Scaffolds, Industrial Estates, Plaza Mayor, Aerial Views, Planned Spaces, Still Lifes and Monuments, are the series that form it...

  • R_Fernando_Maselli_0153

    “A visit to seven places of sacred nature”, The Asombrario, Rafa Ruiz.

    The new project by Argentinian photographer Fernando Maselli portrays landscapes with great telluric burden that have been sanctuaries for centuries and even millenniums. From Garajonay, La Gomera to Cap de Creus, Girona. We suggest a trip to seven symbols of the respect we must feel for nature....

  • R_Fernando_Maselli_0150

    Pablo alemán, La Fundación.

    Hierofanies is an approach to the work of the Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade, who coined this term to refer to the awareness of the sacred in the everyday and the nearby, in a mountain, a forest, a river. Maselli photographed landscapes traditionally linked to the sacred and the magical, suggesting to the viewer a series of questions: Is there really something supernatural about these spots? Can nature become impregnated with that something? Does nature inspire religious feelings in man?...