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Photographer Madrid
Photographer, Fotógrafo, Madrid, España, Spain, Advertising, Publicidad, Fotografía, Photography
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Storms and tempests are one of the most recurrent themes in the imagination of Romanticism and a phenomenon that holds great symbolism...



The Annunciation is one of the most common iconographic themes in the history of western art, Maselli in this series is inspired by these classics works where the skies are opened in a majestic composition of volumes and colors...


Artificial Infinite

Artificial Infinite is a photographical enquiry on the aesthetical status of the sublime, which is represented as a controlled fear that attracts the soul, present in qualities like the immensity, infinity, emptiness, loneliness, or silence...



The word hierophany was coined by the philosopher Mircea Eliade in his work Treatise on the History of Religions to refer to an awareness of the sacred when it manifests itself through various parts of our regular cosmos: a mountain, a forest, a river, etc. It is always the same mysterious act: the manifestation of something...



CERN is the largest research laboratory in particle physics. There, physicists and engineers from around the world explore the fundamental structure of the universe using the most complex instruments to study the basic constituents of matter, fundamental particles. The observation of the collision of particles at nearly the speed of light

Madriz series

Still Life

This series is a twist on the classic Spanish still life, adapting it to everyday contemporary life. The Spanish style of still lifes, much more spartan and less precious than its European counterparts...


Plaza Mayor

The series Plaza Mayor is based on open spaces and on the multiple plane, being the human figure the unifying element, with its consequent effects of disembodied full of expression...



The series reflects masterfully the reflection on the slow, or sometimes abrupt, way to the degradation of the material. The facades of the buildings in Madrid represents in this case the mirror in which we see the impact of the flow of the inexorable years...


Vistas Aéreas

Aerial photography is traditionally associated with scientific or military use, and its aesthetic possibilities are not often exploited. In this series this photographic technique is used to show large stretches of land...


Industrial Parks

Cuando pensamos en una ciudad, raramente tenemos en consideración sus áreas industriales. Si, como suele decirse de forma poética, las ciudades son organismos vivos, también deben disponer de sus órganos internos, espacios dedicados...



The Monuments series is marked by a constant search for the symbiosis between the spaces of the sculpture (the space volume and hollow sculptures), the architecture...


Planned Spaces

Following the Spanish Civil War, and with new changes in the economic model, Spain experienced a large migration from the countryside to the city. One of the cities most affected by this was Madrid...